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Get Your 2005 Weblog Award Logos

Link to The Weblog Awards with these spiffy sidebar logos. Feel free to use the header logo as well...

The 2005 Weblog Awards

The 2005 Weblog Awards

If you are selected as a finalist, feel free to use this logo on your site***:

2005 Weblog Awards Finalist

2005 Weblog Awards Finalist

*** Hint: Linking it to the poll page for your category is very effective...

Update: If you need the code to add one of these logos to your site, here's a sample:

<a href="http://weblogawards.org/"><img alt="The 2005 Weblog Awards" src="http://yoursite.com/wa150.jpg" /></a>

Save the graphic to your computer, then upload it to your site. replace http://yoursite.com/wa150.jpg with the actual path to the graphic on your server. Add that code to your sidebar and you're all set. If you want to center the graphic, put code above between the <center></center> HTML tags.

Terms of use

We've licensed The Weblog Awards logos under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Creative Commons License

The following additional terms apply to the Creative Commons license:

Attribution entails a link to The 2005 Weblog Awards site (http://weblogawards.org) or any individual pages within The Weblog Awards site.

Use by commercial enterprises is authorized for the purpose of promoting their participation in The Weblog Awards or The Weblog Awards in general.

The finalist graphic may only be used by those selected as finalists in The Weblog Awards. Use by anyone else is not authorized.

The only allowable modification is that you may choose to add the name category(s) directly below graphic in a modified version of the graphic. Any modifications should be consistent with the design of the original image.


Welcome to the 2005 Weblog Awards.




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