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Status Update

Finalists will be announced Sunday, Dec. 4. Voting begins Monday Dec. 5 and ends Dec. 15.

We had hoped to start voting today, but it appears that there will be an ever so slight delay...

Finalists are selected and the polling posts will start appearing this evening (assuming that the poll software passes it's final test) so sites can see where they fall in the slates of 15 finalists in the 37 categories. We have to make sure that the polling software up to the task, so you may see a test poll during the day. If we publish that go ahead and try it out...

Each category will have a separate poll page, with links to all of the finalists in that category. That page will also be the page were the voting screen will appear. Once we release the finalists lists you can start linking, since it will be only a matter of hours until the voting booth appears on the page.

You will need the Macromedia Flash, but most browsers have that, and you will be offered a chance to install it if for some reason you don't have it.


Welcome to the 2005 Weblog Awards.




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