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Weblog Award Notes (Monday)

Sunday and Monday were consumed with geo-politics at The Weblog Awards.

First the Best Asian Blog was hit by repeated voting due to a device used at a Singapore ISP. The device is not intended for use in The Weblog Awards, if just so happens to make a nice jump point for cheating. Votes skyrocketed, addresses were banned, votes were removed, etc. Thing are back to working again, but it leaves us with a dilemma. Banning the device leaves a large section of Singapore users unable to vote. That's a problem that I'm working on.

In other news, we had no idea banning IP addresses could be so controversial. Previously we'd made a point of identifying IP addresses banned, but a helpful reader pointed out that in some parts of the world with repressive regimes such information could be used to identify and punish individuals. In some of those countries you most assuredly do not want to run afoul of the government.

Needless to say publication of IP addresses that have been banned won't be occurring anymore. The IP addresses will still be banned, but the individual addresses banned will not be published.

And finally there's been some question about what we mean by "Polls close December 15, 2005." That means that the polls will close at 11:59 PM (US - Eastern) December 15, 2005 - give or take a few minutes since each poll must be closed individually .


Welcome to the 2005 Weblog Awards.




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