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Weblog Award Notes (Tuesday)

All quiet on The Weblog Awards front for Tuesday.

Of course there's been lots of e-mail to read and polls to look at. There's less than 48 hours to the finish line at which time my real work starts. Remember the vote is not official until all the polls have been reviewed. I personally check the logs of every poll for cheating and make adjustments as needed. Some of the work has already begun, and I checkpoint the logs as I do early reviews on them.

In regards to vote removal, I've decided only to officially not the larger vote removals. Smaller (less than 100) removals will still be made, just not publicly noted. I keep a record of all of the vote changes, so you can contact me at kevin at weblogawards dot org if you have a question about poll anomalies.

Keep the votes coming!


Welcome to the 2005 Weblog Awards.




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