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Weblog Awards Notes (Friday)

Our dirty little secret has been exposed!

Several e-mailers, in the course of thanking me (which is sincerely appreciated) for the thankless job of organizing this contest have noted sentiment similar to this, "I have discovered so many great new sites by visiting the finalists!"

Busted! The dirty little secret of The Weblog Awards is that it's not really about who wins, it's increasing exposure for all of the blogs in The Weblog Awards. Every year I get messages about people finding new sites via The Weblog Awards. At the end of the day that's the real benefit of the whole thing.

Newsroom Coming Soon

Are you blogging about the results of the various polls? If so visit this post at Wizbang and find out how you can become one of the authors in the forthcoming Weblog Awards Newsroom. Starting this weekend we'll be crafting press releases recapping the competition, and the next one could feature you!

Cheaters Never Prosper

We've had our first deductions for cheating in the Best Blog Design category. Oddly it's not on behalf of the leaders in the category. The changes are listed in the Summary Of Poll Changes and noted on the poll page. Please note that there is no inference that the affected blogs have anything to do with the voters banned for cheating.



Welcome to the 2005 Weblog Awards.




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