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Weblog Awards Notes (Friday)

Voting has wrapped up in this years Weblog Awards and now we are reviewing the voting logs. Most polls are probably as they will appear when the final results are announced, but it's always possible that log review will change the standings and/or the winner.

Voting went smoothly this year and casual cheating was all but eliminated. All told there were approximately 445,000 votes cast in the 37 categories this year. As in previous years we have multiple layers of security, with log review the final brick in that wall of security. This year (unlike previous years) there were no automated scripting attacks and there was only minimal deliberate cheating.

We did identify an obscure vulnerability in the polls prior to the start of voting, but we were unable (due to time and technical constraints) to develop an effective fix. Since we were aware of the vulnerability we were not particularly surprised when a handful of technically adept folks finally discovered it. Their votes were removed and they were banned from the domain as we found them.

Hang tight for final results and thanks for your participation and support.


Welcome to the 2005 Weblog Awards.




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