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Weblog Awards Notes (Monday)

Monday afternoon (December 5, 2005) our server had multiple hardware failures. No data was lost. The site is back to normal operations. Thank you for your patience...

The following e-mail exchanges with the NOC that hosts this server indicate just how painful Monday was...

There may or may not be complications in regards to the RAM upgrade. Engineers are looking into it now.

We are replacing all hardware on the server. There appeared to be problems with multiple parts.

Full hardware swap. Server coming up well now. It's going back on the rack and should be up for good in about 5 minutes.

To mitigate the chances of high server load (which doesn't appear to be an issue anymore) I have opened a comment thread at Wizbang to handle your support or technical questions - rather than hosting it here.

Fixed: We became aware that some sites with longer names were obscuring their vote total display. All of these names have been shortened so that their totals now display properly. The actual vote totals were not affected, just the display of the total.



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