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Weblog Awards Notes (Tuesday)

Before I forget there's been some rumblings about the vote totals in the Best of the Rest of the Blogs (8751+) category. Indeed it is odd that My Election Analysis has more total votes than even the leaders in the Best Blog poll. I checked the logs and the voting is clean. A little more digging lead to the answer. The blogger has scored an endorsement from Tucker Max - proprietor of a very popular online forum.

And on a less serious topic: The rumor is not true - the top prize is not a lifetime suply of ramen, though if a ramen company want to get on board as a sponsor perhaps that can be arranged...

We get hate mail about The Weblog Awards. Rather than obsess over them (which I don't), I'm just going to publicize the oddest or wackiest of them. Here's one of my personal favorites:

Last year, I complained that your WEBLOG Awards is not inclusive to include Deaf Bloggers as well. I never got an email from you.

Are you that prick or condescending not to answer at all?

This year, I checked the list -- not again, it is all hearies. There are hundreds of deaf bloggers and yet you do not have a category for them, why is that?

I'm still waiting for your response regarding the discrimination towards Deaf bloggers. My blog has ranked No. 1 in the Deaf Community for the last two years, and I do not see anything that focused on a group from your so-called WEBLOG AWARDS.

Are you so fucking hearie elitists?

To which I responded, "Nor do we include awards for pet bloggers, music blogs, autism blogs, porn blogs, etc. I'll tell you what I told them. If you're so pissed off about not being included do something about it - start your own awards. There's your response."

Evidently I struck a nerve.

So you actually compared deaf bloggers to these people? If you got BEST GLBT Blog, it is fucking subculture thing. What about Deaf Culture -- it is not fucking subculture!

Jesus Christ!

You're typical stupid Hearie Prick

I'm confused, this person (Ridor) claims to be "arguably the most controversial deaf blogger in America," and bills himself as the "the legendary deaf gay militant," yet he's pretty quick to marginalize his gay brethren. Anyway, my advice to him stands...

More in tomorrow's Weblog Awards Notes...



Welcome to the 2005 Weblog Awards.




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