How to Make a Panda Knot

How to make a panda knot is one of the most difficult knots to make, yet when mastered, makes a great piece of jewelry for women. The beauty of making panda knots is that you do not need an advanced degree in metal working to pull it off. There are many ways to make the knot as long as you have the right tools and materials and can follow the instructions clearly. The design for this jewelry is simple and straight forward. The process is rather simple once you get the hang of it.

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First thing you should do is to strip all of the metal that is needed to make the panda (head, body, tail, etc). Then you will need to melt the metal down until it resembles the piece of jewelry you are going to create. After it has cooled off, you will need to smooth it out using a wet cloth or use water soluble flux. After you have smoothed it out, you will need to use sand paper to cut it into pieces that are the appropriate size for the project. This part is rather easy, since you can just cut out the panda with a pair of scissors.

You will also need to solder the ends of the panda onto each other. Once you have done this, you can wrap the panda with pentalobe wire. The panda will stay in place once you add the pentalobe wire. Then you will need to sew the wires together to hold the panel in place. You will want to add a bead of putty to make sure that it does not move while it is wearing the panda jewelry. Finally, you will want to stick in your pearls.